Leklai TAKRUT LOKKATHAT white – red naga eye – small


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Small-sized pendant with white base and red naga eye with all types of Leklai set for your maximum energetic protection

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Takrut Thai Leklai amulet is a unique object as it is made of the 59 types of Leklai, all collected in a single pendant and blessed personally by the monk who created it.

Takrut is a Thai Leklai amulet can only be made by special monks.

They must have sufficient powers to sense the place where Leklai will appear so that they can enchant and extract it.

Concerning our Takrut amulets they are made and blessed by Somphon.


Takrut consists of a various color base, whose composition is secret.

Takkrut is made with 59 types of Leklai, some chopped and mixed and others inserted and attached externally so as to be clearly visible.

This powerful amulet is completed by other embedded inserts, specially sacred plants and small local minerals believed to be magical and sacred.

Inside this base, Somphon set many types of Lek Lai including:

  • Ko Ti Pi;
  • Thong Pha Lai;
  • Suryan Racha;
  • Watchara Tad;
  • Kaew Naga Eye.

Concerning Leklai Kaew Naga Eye, it can have different shapes and colors.?The purest form is extracted in the deep caverns of the Mekhong River that runs through Thailand, Burma and Laos.

Like all other types of Leklai, Kaew Naga Eye can give you protection and good luck.

Surely the gems of Leklai Naga Eye are beautiful and very rare.

Takrut is perforated on both ends to insert a cord (included in the package).

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Takrut Thai Leklai amulet gives many blessings to those who possess it: protection, health, good luck and abundance.

Concerning health it can specifically bring balance between the various parts of the body, so that the holder will feel lighter, stronger and more energetic.

It is said that the most important statesmen and key players in the world’s governments use Takrut, including the former President of the United States.

Holding this powerful object in their hand, many Thais underwent extreme tests (not to be repeated) and successfully verified its effectiveness against fire and cutting weapons.

You can find a lot of videos on YouTube.

We personally had the privilege to know the monk Somphon and to successfully undergo a small trial of the protection powers of the Takrut.


The monks have been keen to underline that, in addition to the undeniable power of Leklai, a determining factor for having benefits is the awareness and intention of those who own it.

We cannot therefore in any way guarantee its beneficial effects on anyone.

Otherwise we strongly advise against seeking any proof of its effectiveness, especially because tradition wants that the essence animating the Leklai moves away from it if its user doubts its power and wants to test its powers.

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