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Cordless pendants with 3 types of powerful Leklai

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Leklai TRINITY are a very recent creation of our friend Somphon.

Creating them he wanted to condense the virtues of different types of Leklai into a single pendant that can be worn at any time.

In particular this pendant contains a piece of:

  • Ko ti pi Leklai;
  • Suryan Racha Leklai;
  • Watchara Tad Leklai.

Concerning our Leklai they were blessed by Somphon. as you can see in the following video.


The monks have been keen to underline that, in addition to the undeniable power of Leklai, a determining factor for having benefits is the awareness and intention of those who own it.

We cannot therefore in any way guarantee its beneficial effects on anyone.

Otherwise we strongly advise against seeking any proof of its effectiveness, especially because tradition wants that the essence animating the Leklai moves away from it if its user doubts its power and wants to test its powers.

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Dimensions 45 mm


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