Leklai KO TI PI encapsulated for pendant


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The most powerful Leklai’s type to bring always with you

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This is one of the rarest and most powerful Leklai type.

It is usually found in the ceiling of the caves and has a dark green or black color that can change to other colors when illuminated by a light source.

According to thai legends, Ko ti pi has a super power of invulnerability against demons, evil powers or dangerous animals with fangs and weapons.

It is also said that its wearer will be safe as if he were protected by an enlightened Being when the power of this lek is equal to that of one who has activated his third eye or subtle sight and has attained 5th siddhi.

Cutting this Leklai type is very difficult and dangerous because it releases splinters during cutting. Therefore those who cut it must have sufficient awareness so as not to be cut by such splinters.

Ko ti pi Leklai was used by a General of Laos (Wung Pao) during the war against Vietnam and it protected soldiers around the general while bombs were dropped.

Concerning our Leklai they were blessed by Somphon. as you can see in the following video.


The monks have been keen to underline that, in addition to the undeniable power of Leklai, a determining factor for having benefits is the awareness and intention of those who own it.

We cannot therefore in any way guarantee its beneficial effects on anyone.

Otherwise we strongly advise against seeking any proof of its effectiveness, especially because tradition wants that the essence animating the Leklai moves away from it if its user doubts its power and wants to test its powers.

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